The Turducken of Cars

By: Sean B. | 11/27/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Meet the Turducken, a Thanksgiving innovation brought to American pop culture by football commentator John Madden. This dish consists of a Turkey, stuffed with a Chicken, subsequently stuffed with a duck. While this seems like a flash in the pan fad of the 21st century, the tradition actually dates as far back as the 18th century where several nested birds culminated in a Yorkshire Christmas Pie. What does this have to do with automotive aftermarket performance? Everything! We create our own Turduckens of cars every time we do a transmission swap, or drop a Chevy small block into a Ford body. This Thanksgiving, I asked the folks around the office to come up with their craziest idea for a Turducken of Cars, combining three or more pieces from different cars to make a tasty ride. Here's what they came up with: From our own Tim: I'd put a Chevy 383 engine with a GM 700R4 in a 34 Ford with Jaguar E-type suspension! One of our engineers, Jon, had this to say: I'd put a Bugati Veyron 8.0L W16 engine and drivetrain in a 91 Chevy Camaro with Ford GT-40 suspension! Terry had a creative idea: How about a little Nissan truck with a blown 455 Olds motor and trans axle in the back with boat headers the go up and out the back. Bill said: Install a Big Block Chevy 572 cid engine with a Dodge Viper T-56 Tremec 6-spd transmission Tucked into a Mazda Miata with a Heavy Duty Ford 9"inch Posi rear end. Jeremy went for some serious speed: Porsche 550 Spyder, the twin turbo motor out of the 911 GT2-RS (612Hp), Audi R8 drivetrain (AWD) and Ferrari Enzo suspension.