Universal Cross Pipe kits with Race Ready Cut-Outs

By: Bill Tichenor | 02/20/2007 < Back to Motor Life Home
Flowtech is announcing the availability of their Universal Cross Pipe kits with Race Ready Cut-Outs. The Cross Pipe kits with Race Ready Cut-Outs are available in 2.5” diameter P/N 53630FLT, and 3” diameter P/N 53631FLT. Putting a new twist on our popular universal cross pipe, Flowtech added its Race Ready Cut Outs. This cross pipe will keep you legal on the street, but loosen six wing nuts and you’ll be racing down the track with open pipes. The universal cross pipe was designed to fill the void where certain applications don’t have a cross pipe kit offered. Depending on application dyno tests show 10-25 horsepower over a traditional system with no crossover. Noise is reduced by 2 to 6 decibels. Flowtech’s cross pipe kits smooth and synchronize exhaust pulses, reduce back pressure, cancel out unwanted sound and improve scavenging at all engine speeds by leveling out the pulse differences between right and left cylinder banks. Each cross pipe kit is constructed with 16 gauge mandrel bent aluminized tubing for added durability. Included in each kit is a universal Siamese x-pipe section, four cut-to-fit legs, and clamps. For more information contact Holley Tech Service, P.O. Box 10360, Bowling Green, KY, 42101-7360, Telephone 270-781-9741. For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1. Or visit us on the web:
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