Watch Our HEI Corrected Cap on Detroit Muscle

By: Sean B. | 04/24/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home

Set your DVRs to record the POWERNATION® shows this weekend when Detroit Muscle features our ACCEL HEI Corrected Cap. This innovation on the HEI distributor cap for Buick, Chevrolet and GM HEI distributors with right hand rotation, allows for the spark plug wires to connect to terminals on the same side of the distributor as their corresponding spark plugs. By installing an ACCEL HEI Corrected Cap, you clean the look of your engine compartment and help prevent arcing from spark plug wires crossing over each other. Detroit Muscle airs on CBS Sports Network, Saturday morning at 8:30 ET, on SPIKE, Sunday morning at 10:30 ET/PT and again on CBS Sports Network at 1:30 a.m. ET Monday. ACCEL HEI Corrected Caps come complete with a rotor, and coil mounting hardware. ACCEL also offers custom fit wire sets, with specially cut lengths for your new setup.

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 X  Holleydays 2020 20% off and DD