Wayne Wright’s 1966 Ford Mustang - Customer Spotlight

By: Flowmaster | 09/07/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

Marilyn. Punch that name into Google and you’ll find info and images of one of the most well-known actresses and models of the 1950’s. Ask Wayne Wright who Marilyn is and you’ll receive a much different response.

When Wright was nine years old, his father came across a 1966 Mustang Coupe that had been damaged by an engine fire. After the blaze, the Ford’s owner decided that it was time to wash his hands with the vehicle and sold it off to Wayne’s dad as a project car. If you haven’t connected the dots at this point, the lightly toasted, aforementioned 302-powered ’66 Stang is the one whom Wright affectionately refers to as Marilyn.

Additional customizations include a hand-painted interior, JBL stereo system, 16” Foose Legend wheels and Redline Lumtronix headlights. A 4 barrel carburetor sits atop the Ford’s V8 engine which has also been accessorized with a pair of JBA shorty headers and an X-Pipe crossover that feeds into a pair of classic Flowmaster 40 Series mufflers. Once unleashed from her stable, Marilyn is a Pony that can kick up some major dust.

Marilyn may take care of the commuter duties, but she still shines up nicely for shows when Wayne has the time to take her out on the town. Wright told us that the license plate “PONYGOS” is an inside joke. After sitting for an extended period of time Wayne mentioned, “It was a relief to register her again and I decided it would be funny to let the license plate state that she is finally going somewhere.” And goes she does. Marilyn moves swiftly down the road, singing that sweet Flowmaster tune that V8 Mustangs carry so well and turning heads like the celebrity whose name she shares.

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