Weiand Stealth™ High Rise Vortec Dual Plane Intake Manifold

By: Bill Tichenor10/23/2005 < Back to Blog Home

Weiand sets a new precedent in intake manifold design for which all others will follow with their new Stealth™ high rise dual plane intake manifold for small block Chevy engines with 1996 and later Vortec (L31) iron heads, P/N 8151.

Using Pro-E computer design, rapid prototyping, CFD air flow design, along with a permanent mold casting process, the Stealth 8151 produces more horsepower and torque then similar intakes currently on the market. The permanent mold casting process produces a lighter and more consistent casting. The results are smoother intake runners that optimize atomization of fuel, mixing of fuel/air and the distribution of the fuel/ air to the cylinders creating more power.

Each casting is CNC machined to give an exact fit and exact port match to the heads with ports measuring 2.05” H and 1.11” W. The 8151 makes best power from 1500 to 6700 RPM’s while giving excellent hood clearance with a front height of 4.19” and a rear height of 5.27” and has a 4150 style square bore mounting flange.

The Weiand Stealth 8151 is available in three finishes, satin P/N 8151, hand polished aluminum P/N 8151P and the new Everbright™ finish P/N 8151C. The Everbright™ finish has the look of polished aluminum and the durability of powder coating. It is low maintenance with no polishing required and will not be affected by heat or gasoline spills.

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