X-Box: A ‘55 Chevy Becomes a Modern Day Supercar

By: Todd Veney | 10/06/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Denny Terzich's indescribable ‘55 Chevy 210, the "X-Box," has to be seen to be truly appreciated. With more than 100 custom mods on a build that took over 6,000 man-hours and five years, the finished result is exactly what it was designed to be: a modern-day supercar version of the classic ‘55 Chevy. On Terzich's timeless shoebox, which was built entirely at his ProRides facility, only the roof and top of the rear quarterpanels are stock – everything else is custom-built. The list of one-off parts is endless, including the gas tank cover, taillight pockets, turn signals, and headlight rings, to name just a few. Both bumpers are flipped, and the spoiler blends in perfectly with the rear the deck and looks like the car should have come that way from the factory way back in 1955. Terzich and his team took nearly two inches out of the roof and leaned the B-pillars in to make the car stand out even more. Based on an Art Morrison chassis, the one-of-a-kind shoebox features a full roll cage that blends seamlessly into the interior and is barely noticeable. Its unique suspension, dubbed a "five-link," can be set up either as a three-link with a Watt's link for road-course driving or as a four-link for all-out acceleration on the drag strip. Needless to say, the engine is just as modern and well-thought-out as every other aspect of the X-Box's construction. For a modern-day supercar Tri-Five, there was only one choice for an engine: LS power! Terzich went with a 427 (7.0L) LSX block with LS aluminum heads and Holley Dominator EFI that shakes the ground with more than 1,500 horsepower. And don't forget the Holley Hi-Ram intake manifold up top. Open the doors, and you'll see that anything that isn't machined from billet aluminum is covered in plush black leather. The driver and the passenger sit in racing-style seats with racing-style seatbelts and the 6-speed transmission is operated with paddle shifters on the steering column. For a beautifully photographed feature by The Block | Chevrolet Performance on this incredibly detailed masterpiece, click here. And be sure to browse their entire photo gallery, which was shot at Beech Bend Park during Holley LS Fest, where, to no one's great surprise, X-Box was voted Best of Show.