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2010 Camaro SS w/ 16k miles

By: Scott 04/13/2020

I found this car on line at a local Chevrolet dealer with whom I have dealt with for 30 yrs. I already have an 02 Camaro SS and wasnt in the market for another car. It was on the new car showroom floor which peaked my interest. After several attemps to not go look at it I finally couldnt help myself and went to check it out. As soon as I opened the door and hood it was all over but the signing! It turns out the car was a one owner. The gentleman that owned it buys his wife a new Camaro every 10 years. They just purchased a 2020 and this was their trade in. They trailered it to the dealer because the weather was nasty! So happy with the car so far, only had it 2 months.Ive owned several 60 and 70's muscle cars, including a big block 79 Z28 and this is a true modern muscle car!

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