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The Javelin

By: Jim 04/14/2020

I have been a gear head since my seven year old self witnessed Friday night jumps of the General Lee. I started out with motorcycles at the age of seven, and moved to cars when I was 13, helping rebuild and paint a Galaxie 500 for my school permit ride. From Hot Wheels to locker posters, I grew up a BOP guy with several Buick Regals, and a 71 Cutlass S as my first legitimate venture into the muscle car world. When my ground up high school car could no longer be repaired on a self-funded college student's income, and my Cutlass S was wrecked, I transitioned into off-roading, starting with a Dodge Ramcharger, and ending with more Jeeps than I can count off the top of my head.

Fast forward to my middle ages, when time and bad experiences with the big three had washed away any brand loyalty I may have had in my youth; I felt it was time to return to the muscle car world. With a lot of recently collected AMC knowledge from my years of Jeep building and repair, staying AMC seemed only natural. So when the Javelin came up for sale in the next town over, it seemed a no-brainer.

The motor was shot, and it had been sitting for a long time waiting for a rebuild. The interior also needed serious attention, but the car was solid and the price was right. With three young kids, it took years to get it put back together, but it has been in it's current state for long enough to make the summer cruises. As with any car, there are lots of things I would like to do moving forward, but for now, it's our ride.

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