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Family History

By: Robert 04/15/2020

I picked up my 1965 Chevelle back in August 2019 at the GoodGuys West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton California (my favorite show of the year). We found her hanging out in the back of the car corral and it was love at first sight! My father and brother helped me to run a quick decode of the trim tag to uncover that it was a tried and true Malibu SS V8 car! This would make the 3rd 1965 Malibu SS in the family. My grandmother started the obsession back in 1966 when she bought her 6 cylinder Malibu SS 65 Chevelle slightly used. Years later my father brought home a 65 Malibu SS 327 Chevelle which quickly turned into the family hot rod. Many great memories in that car including years of road trips to GoodGuys, Hot August Nites, and Kool April Nites. Sadly both Chevelle's left the family which also left a void in the garage that needed to be filled. After years of searching and many missed opportunities (cars that were too expensive, too far away, or needed too much work) I finally found the perfect car at the perfect price! My son was 10 months old when we brought the car home and he instantly claimed it as his own. Looks like we will be continuing the family tradition of the 1965 Malibu SS Chevelle into it's 4th generation!

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