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1981 F250 4x4

By: Shawn 04/16/2020

So back in 2011. I was recovering from the market crash. I needed a vehicle. My step dads best friend had this truck since it was almost new. He had passed away several years earlier. They were both friends since childhood. Viet Nam veterans and so on. I bought it from his widow for a small amd fair amount. The engine in it was a 6.6l (400ci) and it was tired. Missing on one cylinder as a pushrod had fallen off. Spark plugs were fouled. The egr plate under the carb was warped. The 2bbl carb was warped. One ear was broken. Worn valve guides and rings. Smoked at random times more than normal. I managed to get it running all of the way through college and for the next 9 years. Finally came across this Cleveland on Craigslist and began the build. I'm now working out some bugs after the install and cleaning up old dry and cracked wiring in the engine and getting ready to put "Ol blue" back on the road.

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