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First New Car

By: The Professor 04/18/2020

This was the first new car I ever bought. Loved it at first sight and had to have it. Didn't even care that it cost me 21% interest to finance it. HAD to have it!

It was fun, and sort of quick if you didn't want to go faster than 75, but come on, it was just a 305.

Everyone's first reaction is "Hey, a KnightRider!"

No, it's not! I bought the car a month before that show started, and as fun as that show was, this is NOT a Knightrider!

Moving forward, the week I made the last payment, the 305 came out and I put a Pontiac 350 in it. Ran much better.

Of course, the first thing it did was break the crappy rear end GM put in these cars. Oh well, got another out of the junk yard.

A few years later, swapped the 350 out for a Pontiac 455. Upgraded to a stronger rear end at the same time. I don't like walking home.

Drove it with the 455 for about ten years, till the 455 got tired, then swapped in a freshened up 1970 Ram Air 400 from a GTO.

Feels like the good old days!

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