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My Story

By: Joseph 04/21/2020

I got her in April 2018. I was taking my Avenger R/T in for some warranty work and wound up leaving in a Challenger, fortunately with the wife’s approval. I fell in love instantly with the Octane Red paint and the black top package. It was an awesome experience finally being able to buy my dream car, and still feels that way to this day.

I’ve been building her one mod at a time to push as much power out of a pentastar as possible, while still respecting the heritage and beauty of the Challenger name. I’ve added an aFe momentum GT intake system, a Hemifever custom tune, muffler and resonator delete, Petty’s Garage front strut tower brace and an assortment of subtle and what I consider tasteful exterior mods. Based on my custom tune and other engine modifications I’m estimating to be making about 340-350 BHP but haven’t been able to dyno her yet to confirm.

She’s a work horse during the week and a car show queen on the weekends. She’s been all the way from our home in Delaware (yes it’s a state, no we aren’t a part of Pennsylvania lol) to the great state of Texas eating up the highway as she goes. We’ve taken her to countless cars & coffee events, car shows and all the way to Chrysler Nationals in Columbus, OH. In September of 2018 I took top 20 at an event to my surprise. Keeping her looking factory fresh as a daily driver is hard but rewarding work. My wife says I’m obsessed, I say I’m just a Mopar guy.

Thanks for checking out my ride and always remember, Mopar or No Car!

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