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33 Years of commitment

By: greg 04/23/2020

Seeing that a cars life can tell a story, perhaps this one is worth a share.

Found on a beach in San Juan PR in 1986, I just had to have it. After an agreed price of 800 dollars, I drove it to Isla Verde. Sort of, croaked on the way home. It was a stolen recovery, cut up for parts and found by police with no power train. Somehow stitched together with a Buick 350 2Bbl, BOP TH 350 and a 76 Nova open diff I made it run and drove it for 4 years. Broke the Buick motor, moved to NC, got married (eloped in it), moved to NYC and began using it to tow a Plymouth race car to the drag strip. That brought more than just a few sharp comments. As the years turned into decades, I never gave up. Lots of patches, different drivetrains but it always came out for some sun over the years.

In 2015, an infatuation with LS power led to the biggest, most focused effort this true Z11 ever saw. In May of 2019, with the help of friends and professional services too numerous to list, A Clockwork Orange rolled out and completed the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour.

Never much for sitting around at car shows, a cruise through one with a friend in his well built Mustang turned me into a shameless trophy hound.

Over 6000 miles of rides for the 2019 season and the LS2 was finally ready. The cammed up junkyard LQ4 served loyally and will run again in something, someday.

I wanted one of these since I saw one in the showroom of Flatbush Chevrolet in Brooklyn NY in 1969. My dad scowled and said "who would want to be seen in that ridiculous thing?" Now I cant put it down. Managed to put 400 miles on the new LS2 while under Covid 19 quarantine.


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