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Ty's 2006 Mini Cooper

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AUX cord install

By: Ty 04/23/2020

When the MINI was ordered from the factory, there was an option for a factory-installed AUX cord, but that option cost $1100 back then! SO needless to say, it didn't get done at the factory. After owning the car now for 12 years, and driving my other car that does have AUX/Bluetooth capability, I just couldn't stand to live without the AUX cord anymore.

Install was fairly straightforward, but I decided against using the factory recommended install spot. That would've required the AUX cable wiring to plug into the back of the radio, wire through the glovebox, drill a hole in the glovebox, and in the center console (where it would then face away from the driver), and mount the connector on the passenger side.

I decided to run the cable through the center console, and install the connector plate directly in the middle of the car, tucked away beneath the radio. I actually attached it to the little panel below the radio that drops down and opens up, in case I ever need to access the cables. Super happy with how it came out, and now I just have to do some work on the speakers themselves.



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