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Long overdue update.

By: Drake 04/24/2020

I got it running and driving!!

Carpet installed

AEM fuel pump

Vibrant AN lines and fittings

CXRacing Radiator

Cheapo Amazon intercooler and piping

Spectre Filter

Homemade 3" stainless exhaust

Driveline did not require much modification, just some holes drilled to accommodate the different pattern.

I was able to use the factory cross member since the bolt pattern is the same, and it just happens to put the engine in a decent position.

IT RIPS!!! It is such a blast to drive. The 63" rear springs have made an enormous difference in comfort and drivability.

I have been daily driving the truck for the past couple of weeks trying to work out the bugs, and it has been flawless.

I would like to create a little more space for a more substantial cooling system and move to a standalone ECU and harness.

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