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Rat Daddy

By: Rat Daddy 04/24/2020

How Rat Daddy Became,

My brother-in-law and I have always enjoyed talking about cars. In 2011 he was diagnosed with rare cancer and was told he had 5 years to live. At the time, I told him I was going to build a hot rod. So I asked him what I should build. Camaro, Mustang, Nova? He said a rat rod, I said a what? So I researched and I started building Rat Daddy from the ground up. He bet me I couldn't finish it before he died, so I took him up on the challenge. Shortly after making the bet, my wife and I were involved in a bad car crash that left me with a lengthy battle of severe pain and decreased ability to move my right arm. However, I didn't allow the pain to stop me from winning this bet. I had extra motivation as I watched my brother-in-law like he was an hourglass as his weight dropped from 250lbs to 150lbs. I would spend all my extra time designing "Rat Daddy". While I was in the process of using auto cad to design the body, I was blessed to discover a 1930 Model A in an old Warehouse. I was fortunate enough to pursue this body as it allowed me to license the rat rod as a classic and received a 1930 title. As I was nearing the completion of this project, my wife suffered a massive heart attack which would change our life forever. Taking time off to care for my wife, we focused all of our energy in changing our life style in order for my wife to reach her optimal health. After several cardiac procedures, my wife encouraged me to finish this project and win this bet. I am happy to say that today, rat daddy is complete, my brother-in-law is still alive after 8 years and enjoying attending car shows with me, and my wife and I are enjoying a healthy life. This journey has been challenging, yet satisfying.

Thank You, Joseph Wolff

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