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Lil' Nance

By: Frances 04/25/2020

• Color: Rangoon Red

• Interior: Black

• Roof: Black Vinyl

• Assembly Plant: Los Angeles

• Completed on: March 7, 1963

• Domestic Special Order: Los Angeles

• Axle: Conventional (300:1)

• Transmission: Cruise-O-Matic

• Z Engine: Original numbers matching Thunderbird 4-V/390 cubic inch V8, which jumps to 300 hp at 4,600 rpm and 427-lbs.ft. of torque at 2,800 rpm via a 4.05 x 3.78-inch bore and stroke, 10.5 compression and a 4-barrel - 446 cfm Holley carburetor. This engine uses premium fuel and has dual exhausts.

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