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Daily Delight

By: Jason 05/05/2020

I have been waiting a long time to finally purchase a nice fairly solid 60’s c10 to make my dream truck. Unlike others I love to drive mine every day so I like to be a weekend warrior on this build doing things one step at a time and to keep me on budget. Next will be all new hooker black heart 3”exhaust and IFS transmission crossmember and IFS trailing arm crossmember mount along with the QA1 full rear coil over and 4 link conversion with panhard bar and sway bar. After that is complete I will do the full QA1 front coil over conversion and full $!?$ conversion but I’m keeping my 6 lug bolt pattern to keep it a little unique. It’s going to be a slow build being a father of 4 and trying to manage a chance to do most things because my family is priority even over my dream truck.

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