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By: Jimmy 08/12/2019

Pretty Kool history on the Nova....the car was in my buddy Steves family since his Dad bought it back in 1970 to use as a daily driver in Arizona where he worked as an R&D guy for GM Performance, his Dad was also Warren Johnsons R&D guy for numerous years! Car was parked in 89 and Steve used it as a cruiser here and there, somewhere in the 80's the 283 was tired so the pulled it out and replaced it was a 350....about a year and a half ago I mentioned that I was interested in buying it from him and we struck a deal. Steve asked me what my plans were on getting it since I live in Ohio and he;s in Mesa....I told him I was going to fly out and drive it home! He asked what I wanted to do with the 283, I thought it was still in the car! I drove out and trailered it home with the original numbers matching engine and trans in the bed of the truck! My goal was to put the engine back where it came from and make a killer little ride!

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