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Truck History

By: Collin 05/15/2020

I purchased this truck as a project in December of 2014. It is a retired phone company truck from Tennessee and had reached the end of its life. It had a 4.3 with a hole in the block and essentially what was left of a wrecked 2001 2500HD in the bed. The initial plan was to do a stock swap. Just pull the 4.3 and 4l60e and stab in the 6.0 and 4l80e. After all, I had all the parts there including there to complete the swap. When I went to look at the truck, I turned over the LQ4 by hand as I had always been taught to do. Fast forward to getting the truck home and unloaded. I went to turn the engine over again and it wouldn't make a complete turn. Talk about disappointing. I removed the heads and found fuel puddled in cylinder 7. I turned the engine over to watch the piston and sure enough, number 7 rod was bent. (I still have it hanging on my wall of shame) That led to building the engine, which led to upgrading the driveline, which somehow led to upgrading engine management to a Dominator and making it all work with the trucks factory fuse block and BCM.

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