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Engine Tear Down Pt. 2

By: Nelson 08/12/2019

I continued with the engine teardown, and at this point nothing had thrown a red flag aside from the water pump.

Valvetrain was in good shape. I kept it organized as I planned on putting it back in.

The heads followed shortly, they needed a good cleaning and some valve seals.

And finally only the rotating assembly was left. Since the motor didn't smoke when I ran it, I just wanted to check the #8 rod & #5 main bearings for wear before I cleaned it up and put it back together.

This was the final red flag for this engine. The crank was not the worst I had ever seen, some very fine grooves on the rod end. The main looked smooth.

However, the bearings told a different story...

This is when I told myself I couldn't put this engine back in as it was and be happy with myself. So, I took the pistons & crank out to see about getting the block machined.

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