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Engine Build Pt. 2

By: Nelson 08/12/2019

The motor I bought came with the stock bottom end components, standard bore forged pistons. For the insurance, I took them to the machine shop and had ARP rod bolts installed so I knew the bottom end wouldn't come flying apart from the stock bolts failing. I cleaned up the pistons, they just had a bit of old carbon on them and I polished the tops while I was at it to help against any detonation.

A Comp double roller timing set joined the cam and crank together. Don't worry. the Fram was only there to keep dirt out of the engine, I'll never run one on any of my engines.

Luckily, the engine came with the timing cover as well since I had broken the original trying to get it off. All I had to do was open up the hole for the fuel pump since it was blocked off for the injected engine. A website called LMR has a nice set of timing cover hardware made for them by ARP, since all my bolts were junk I got one, very glad I did.

A new Melling oil pump went onto the bottom end. I went with a standard pump due to the tolerances my engine had when assembled, I didn't think a HV pump was necessary.

For a bit of bling, I painted the original oil pan with wrinkle paint and used some stainless cap screws to hold it in place. A one piece pan gasket was used.

Final part was the harmonic balancer from the new engine, it was in good shape. With that, the short block was complete.

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