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Engine Build Pt. 4

By: Nelson 08/12/2019

Next steps for the engine was to complete the top end. For an intake I went with a Weiand Stealth because it fit my budget, and had the widest operating range of all the dual plane intakes I looked at. I got a set of Felpro intake gaskets that matched the GT40P heads nearly perfectly, but the fit on the intake left something to be desired. So I proceeded to port match the intake, and while I was at it did a mild porting job & smoothed the runners.

To finish the valve train I got a set of Comp roller rockers. Not the best available, but they were reasonably priced and fit good. I checked my piston to valve clearance before the heads were put on for good and had tons of clearance, even with the big cam. I also had measured for the correct push rod length, and ordered some in the correct length from Trick Flow. I also splurged on ARP studs for the intake manifold.

To button up the engine, a Holley 600 & tall valve covers. I had planned on using the original valve covers that I cleaned up to match the oil pan, but they didn't clear the rockers

The engine was now ready to go into the car!

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