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Car Story

By: Pete 05/29/2020

Bought car in 1994 when I was 20, I’m 3rd owner. Worked on the car with my father... rebuilt engine, added tpi in 1995. Re did Breaks, repainted body in 1997, some suspension work, interior updates. All fiberglass, no more poly bumpers. Car sat in my garage for 10 years after I got married and had kids, In 2014 I started getting it back on the road. Needed new sensors, shocks etc. Recent work: Some of which I was able to do with my before he got lung cancer... new front springs, added electric fans, twin 58mm throttle body bored and polished plenum to match. 18” foose wheels. I Finished t -bar removal and got to share with my dad before we lost him in 2018. I continue to improve things a bit.... more fine Details Inside and out, updated breaks to wilwood. updated flowmaster exhaust system, just to name a few things...

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