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Trip to Boards Crossing

By: Justin 06/01/2020

F26024C5-0595-4E89-8AC9-A1033F5B5E8B.jpgB8B75F0A-949C-40CE-8295-4D15C3C2A715.jpg342AD94F-B1F4-4A8D-BA87-AF6643125A96.jpgFF143FCF-34A2-4B5E-B242-A9C95BBEE141.jpgGo a chance to run the new gears and terminator on a intermediate trail. The boys first time out and they had a few pucker moments. LMAO

Overall a good trip, Terminator adjusted and maintained a constant speed near vertical, gears are perfect. Took a few walls to get a idea of what gear to be in with the new TC and gearing.Now on to Slick rock in a couple weeks, followed by the Rubicon. Hopefully with some Go-Pro footage.

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