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Davin's 1976 Jeep J10

Vehicle Story


Long road.

By: Davin 06/04/2020

Bought it in 2006 and it remained mostly stock. Then my transmission went and I had the T-18 trans rebuilt good as new. Then put an offroad eddlbrock carb on with a eddlbrock aluminum intake. It had a duel 2 1/2" exhaust put on with custom glass pack mufflers. New front driveshaft and then the top end of the 360 blew and I didn't know it because at the same time my rear dana 44 limited slip diff blew up too. Replaced the differential and Limited slip, then I realized the 360 was done. Parked it in 2009 and tried to sell but nobody wanted it. However this year 2020 I found a screaming deal on a professional machine shop built 401 built by the owner. He was going to put it in his jeep but decided to sell it to me. Right now I am making payments and putting together the rest of the engine build. As soon as I pay it off I will swap out the AMC 360c.i. for the 401 bored .020 over. I'm excited. It's been a long 14 years trying to get this truck to a reasonable point and I hope soon it will be driveable. Then I'll work on the body and coat it in bed-liner.

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