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Dad's Old Truck

By: Billy 06/05/2020

Dad owned it sense 1989, after his death it sit for over 10 year untouched. My older brother Ronnie was attempting to restore it but needed money to work on his 1985 chevy 4x4 square body truck so I purchased it from him late last year. Ronnie unexpectedly passed away on 4-1-2020, so the truck has become a tribute ride for he and our dad.

It has a 305 V8 with a 4 barrel and stock 3 speed transmission which is controlled by a Hurst floor shifter.

Everything is currently stock, before putting it on the road last year I refreshed all the brakes with new shoes/wheel cylinders and parts. It has to many new parts to list so it is save to drive.

My plan is too install Disc Brakes all around and drop the suspension 4 inches in the rear and 2.5 inches in the front. Install some 17 inch wheels with nice street tires to handle the 400HP Plus 350 V8 with Holley fuel injection being built now by a local engine builder. Keep the 3 speed for now, the body is in very good shape according to a friend who is a body/fender and painter. So I plan to have it painted to the original green color and drive the !#!% out of it!

Back some 25 years ago I have fond memories of driving my 1969 ford ranger drag racing my dad in this 1969 GMC as we returned home form the local land fill.

From the light I said GO, as he shifted thru the gears laughing at me as this old truck and him in his late 70 beat my &!!. My plan is to keep the truck and the memories of him driving it around and one day pass it down in the family.

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