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81 NASCAR Turbo Trans Am

By: Vic 06/19/2020

81 Turbo Trans Am NASCAR addition LS3 Swap Holley Terminator X Max 550-918

i bought my Trans Am back in 1985... I drove it for about 6 years... drove the brakes into the ground... as a teen, I couldn’t really afford to repair the car at the time. I ended up storing it in my parents garage.... where it sat for over 33 years. I decided to pull it out in the fall of 2019. After repairs to the braking system... I had to pull the engine due to a bad oil leak... rear cam seal ... I decided to do a LS swap after anticipating I may need to rebuild a 200 hp engine .... I decided a LS3 and 4 speed automatic would be a nice replacement.... almost 3 times the horse power and 200LB lighter in weight .

this is what I’ve done so far.

4L70E transmission 2009+ transmission harness 558-455

102mm throttle body

BTR NA stage 1 cam

BTR valve springs

7.40 hardened pushrods

60LB injectors

Holley sniper fuel rails

double roller 4 poll timing kit

Melling high pressure oil pump

shorty 1 7/8 stainless steel headers

duel exhaust 2 1/2 inch with X pipe

323 rear differential gears

will be adding turbo charger kit (winter project)

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