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Phase 1 Upgrades Begin

By: Nelson 08/12/2019

Shortly after getting the car road worthy I began to improve the car. The original radiator that I had in the car began to leak as expected, so a new aluminum unit was purchased from LMR. Definitely a cheaper radiator, but for the price it is hard to beat.

I also inherited the Demon carb that we took off our Chevelle when we did the EFI conversion. I got it installed and am working on tuning it which I've never done before.

I have even driven the Rustang to work a couple of times. For those that don't know I work for GM, so I get a lot of flack for having a Ford lol

In the meantime, I began to collect parts for the Phase 1 upgrades. I purchased the entire suspension setup from a 95 Cobra Mustang to swap into my Rustang. This single purchase got me most of the items I need to do my 5 lug swap, I still need to get some Fox length axles and a few other parts. Wheels are the other big item I need to get, still not sure what I'm going to do at this point.

The guy was even nice enough to get the rotors turned for me before I got it. Just need to clean them up and they're ready to go on.

I'm currently working on powder coating the larger items like the Calipers & brackets. All the other items that were not getting coated were media blasted and coated with epoxy chassis paint. Things are starting to look good!

At this point, the build thread is caught up to the present and the rate of updates will most likely slow down. I'm still gathering parts for Phase 1, and driving the car and enjoying it. I've done some other little things like remove the headliner and start to replace it. It had fallen down and was hitting me in the head while I was driving, not ok lol.

Thanks for stopping by!

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