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My dream truck

By: Armando 06/23/2020

I bought my truck out of my mother-in-law around seven years ago it started with a 350 crate engine with a 700 are for transmission redid the whole engine 28 383 stroker with Edelbrock aluminum hands of Victor Junior intake rare a 750 double pumper carburetor and it made 15 seconds in the quarter mileI was in love with my truck until I put too many performers parts into it redone the whole transmission reinforce the 700 R and put a PI 3800 stall End it wasn’t reliable until I got into the LS swap 53 out of a suburban I was so excited because I was doing on my own span a lot of time into it a lot of research and a lot of struggle but now I have a 6.0 LQ9 iron block 4l75 trans and Looking forward to buy the harness gauges from Holly to better perform I have researched them so much that it had become into an abscess to put that harness gages Into my dream truck

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