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Phase 1 & Unexpected Purchase

By: Nelson 08/12/2019


I've still been picking away at things on the Rustang as budget allows. Just for laughs, I had to get this:

It's perfect!

I've been working on the brakes lately. I completely disassembled the calipers to powder coat them, and purchased rebuild kits. I don't have many pictures, but the rear calipers are a pain in the &!! due to having the ebrake built in. I had to buy a special set of snap ring pliers to get them apart. I powdercoated them black, I will most likely paint them body color in the future when I paint the car.

Up to this point, that was the extent of the progress. Until a random search on Craigslist ended up with these coming to me!

They're a set of 95 Cobra R replica wheels in 17" x 9" for the front and 17" x 10.5" in the rear. These are the style of wheel I wanted, but I was just going to settle for 17" x 9" on all corners. I'll have to roll the fenders and probably massage the inner wheel well to make the rears fit, but it will be worth it! The wheels also came with tires to my delight, a set of 255/40R17 for the front that are brand new, and 275/40R17 for the rear that have about 75% life left. The fronts are Nankangs which I don't care for, but the rears are Nexxen which will be fine, they're both 340 TW. That will get me by until I can afford some better tires down the road.

Now to gather the rest of the parts I need to do the 5 lug swap!

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