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My 300 SRT8

By: Bobby 07/01/2020

The 1st gen 300 SRT8 perfectly fit my idea of an every-man's luxury muscle car. I remember passing one of these on the interstate as a teenager and it always stuck with me as a vehicle with some "it factor" to it - it was unique, it was tough looking, it was fast, and it was loud - so when the time came to trade up from my lifted '97 Tahoe in 2011, I made the decision to find the perfect 300 SRT8 and make it mine. I knew it would be a great platform for me to add my custom touches to since I can't help but make vehicles my own - plus with four doors it could haul around all of my college friends and still look $&%! good doing it.

I found my 300 after about a 6 month search in 2011, and this car has moved with me as my daily driver from Auburn, AL to Bowling Green, KY in 2014. I am a Product Designer for Holley and due to that connection and the rarity of my platform, the 300 is often used for Holley product development, test fittings, and marketing photo/video shoots. The car was bone stock when I got it, slightly modified by the time I moved to Bowling Green with some minor visual changes, and much more heavily modified with real performance parts after I started working for Holley and got a glimpse into the world of serious speed. I've done countless little custom touches here and there to set it apart from every other silver 300 on the road, and I've never seen another one like it. I honestly don't do much real racing with it, and I realize it's a pig in comparison to most, but I enjoy that it is somewhat of a sleeper vehicle and that I can surprise most unsuspecting late model muscle cars at a stoplight. I have done my best to keep this 2006 car looking like new, and I take great pride seeing the look on people's faces when I tell them it's 14 years old. As of now the car is still great fun to me, but I am about at the limit of customization that I want to do with this car without getting too deep into the engine or modifying exterior body panels. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds for my 300 SRT8, but I do know it will always be one of my favorite luxury muscle cars.

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