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Phase 1 Continued

By: Nelson 08/12/2019


I've been picking away at the Rustang lately. I decided that it was too hot to drive the car without A/C, so I should use the time to see how all my suspension parts fit. I started on the front, peeling out all the original parts and fitting the SN95 Cobra parts. On the driver side I installed the SN95 control arm, and on the passenger side I left the Fox control arm to see how much it affected the front end fit. to simulate lowering springs I chopped about 1/2 of a coil from the originals and put them in. I'll get real springs later.

For those that don't know, there has been a lot of variation in Mustangs over the years. From 79-87 all V8 & I4 cars had the same K member and front suspension. Sometime around the 88 model year they changed the front K member for V8 cars to improve the geometry by increasing track width by 1". The SN95 Mustangs then used the same later V8 K member, but with 1.33" longer control arms for ~2.66" total track width increase over 88-93 Fox cars.. So, with my car being an early Fox with the 1" narrower K member, I should be able to run the longer SN95 control arms and only increase the track width by about 1.66" over a "Standard" Fox. This is what I plan to do pending wheel fitment.

Here's some pictures:


Keep in mind, these pictures were taken before I started messing with camber adjustments. I still need to order CC plates, but that is another reason to change the arms. General consensus on the Mustang forums is that if I keep the stock arms I will only be able to get about 2* camber max, most people run at least 2.5* for track setups. With the SN95 arms I should be able to get much more, as well as helping front end grip with the wider track. I also plan on swapping the Cobra rack into my car to get better steering feel, and using the SN95 arms will help since I can just buy matching tie rods to connect the spindles. 

Based on what I'm seeing, I think I will have enough wheel clearance to run the SN95 arms without issues. With the Fox arm the wheel is very close to rubbing the K member at lock, I would probably need to run at least a 1/4" spacer to fix that. I've been thinking about flaring the fenders, which would make the wheel clearance even better. But it's going to be a while before I would do that unless I had major rubbing issues. 

I just received my new rear axle shafts and caliper mounts, so I need to get those in the car to see how the rears fit, I think it will be a bigger fight back there. Time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by! And if anybody has used Fox suspension parts let me know! There's still lots I need lol.

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