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inTune3 Platinum DCX

By: Mark 07/11/2020

The 8345 inTune3 Platinum DCX and 18GBJ Gateway bypass jumper arrived on 6/23/20. I received the PCM back from the unlock without any problems. I got them installed with minimal effort. In the Classic model, the gateway module has NOT been relocated to under the steering wheel. I do have the Kenwood aftermarket system and it was a little challenging to get at the gateway module behind it, but the effort was still minimal. After installation, I used the EZ Tune and opted for the 91 octane tune. With the Pedal Commander turned off, the Hemi had the beast awakened. It was absolutely worth the effort of unlocking the PCM and adding this tuner. If you were wondering if it is too much of a hassle, change your mind ... DO IT! I have been running with the 91 octane tune for over 500 miles now and I find boosted performance that puts a smile on my face and a minor increase in fuel mileage. When I turn on the Pedal Commander it fine tunes the drive-ability to my current mood and driving style. I am so glad I added this to my truck. Shout out to the staff @ POWERTEQ, you were professional, friendly, and much quicker than I expected - Rich McKenzie you are the man.

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