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Tribute to Pops

By: Scott 07/20/2020

Started with a Rust free California car bought sight unseen and shipped. Got it running stock and did a complete Color Change to PPG Gulfsteam Aqua.I finished the paint the day before my wedding (I love cutting it close ). After the wedding I found the stock 2V 302 was tired and using mucho oil. So as any good gearhead who can't leave well enough alone would do I installed a Afr Headed 347 and a Performance AOD with a big Aluminum radiator and Sniper EFI with a Hyperspark Distributor. At that point a Completed a long haul In Hot Rod Magazine's Power Tour but found that the new drivetrain did not pair well with the stock suspension and 4 wheel drum brakes. I added Complete Coil over suspension from Street Or Track llc up front and Eaton Detroit custom made rear leaf springs and Mike Maier Racing Pan-hard bar out back with a Ford 8.8 and 3:73 gears. Braking duties now handled buy 03 Cobra Pbr Brakes at all four corners. I could now go and stop and turn with much effort so I added electric power steer (Stolen from a Saturn View).

Car is not done (are they ever?) but is is pretty good Next is interior and paint ... if the draw for more power doesn't win out first.

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