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Vehicle History

By: Luke 07/27/2020

This car was build in Kansas, it has then spent its entire life along the Colorado front range and a few years in Wyoming. I am currently only the 4th owner of the car, buying it in 2016 from the Wyoming owner. At this time, the mileage was around 55,000, but we all know this could be 1, 2, or even 355,000 miles. The interior, suspension, wheels and some engine pieces had already been modified when I purchased it as my first car. The original 283 ci. motor was quite a %&@$, not making much power to the 2 speed power glide. I eventually added a holly performance 2 barrel carb, new air cleaner and exhaust modifications to juice up the original small block.

We then added disc brakes to the front, replaced suspension components across the whole car, and have also improved some of the front-end pieces.

About a year ago now, around August 2019 we began the actual LS/ Vortec swap into the car, and it was finished around February of 2020.

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