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On the Road again

By: Jacob 08/01/2020

When we was growing up my mom would always tell us stories of a buggy that my grandfather built. My uncle ended up with the car and we never had even seen it. When I was 15 on Christmas Eve I got a card from my uncle that instead of having a gift card like my brothers had a yellow paper in it. It was a title, the original 1983 title my grandfather got when he built the dune buggy. I was shocked to own a car I had never even got a chance to see. A couple months later he brought the buggy down and then that’s when the fun began. I didn’t have a job or any source of income but the house it got dropped off at was my neighbors and it sat for about a year and then it disappeared. They’d never stop and look at it and it was like the buggy got put on the back burner and was just not talked about for about 4 months. Until my neighbor saw some rims on Facebook and asked if I’d like to put them on the buggy. Well he took me to put the rims on it and it had just got a fresh coat of super blue paint and it looked sharp. I was shocked to see the buggy a different color. He told me that he had the trans rebuilt and motor gone through, had the buggy color changed from red to blue. Just needs finished up. I really need a electronic fuel pump and would like to LS swap it.

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