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The Carvana Experience

By: KING.K 08/11/2020

Just took delivery of my V6 '18 Charger GT AWD, got it through Carvana and honestly, the experience was by far the best car buying experience I've had. No salesman, no haggling, no trying to put me in a car I did not like. The approval process was smooth, quick, and efficient, I did opt to take my Capital One pre-approval as they gave me a way better interest rate.

Yeah, yeah, I know its not a V8, but I didn't want the V8 since I work on location and my commute literally varies from 10-400 miles depending, the V6 will be better on gas. Either way the lack of respect V6's get makes it a bonafide sleeper and after I bolt on some mods it is def going to be a problem.

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