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By: camaro-kid 08/26/2020

It’s been 52 years ago that I fell in love with my 68 camaro. I was 21 years old when I purchased my first new car. I was impressed with frank bash a 67 camaro drag racing celebrity. The track was at one raceway in taco New Jersey. Ever since then I knew I wanted to own my own

camaro and in March of 68 I Did finally but a brand new one. I was excited to no end. During the next 52 years it has gone they many transformations and colors, on and off track. And then finally to what you are viewing today. I moved to Maryland in 72 got a government job and drove this car for 32 years and put to date 332000 miles till I retired in 2006. Been in storage since then until 2018 when I started my journey to restore and customize the 68 to my liking. Today it is still in the making but it is now can be on the street to drive again. I think I will always have this car until I can no more drive and will be stored upon my son to keep it going..

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