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Long repair roads

By: Jason 08/13/2019

I bought this 86' Ford Mustang notchback back in July 2018 . When was originally talking to the guy I bought it from said it was a good car but the day I went to pick up the car it was overheating. So he replaced the radiator and said he did the thermostat. Didn't work so he knocked a grand off the car. Figured it needed a block. After seeing the water pump rotating the wrong direction and finding no thermostat figured they just didn't build the engine correctly but because the build was done so poorly it did end up having a cracked block. This is after I had replaced all the cooling components, heads, carb, and pulleys. Nothing was working so after removing the block found freeze plugs were heavily rusted and leaking with a small crack below freeze plug on passenger side so time for a new engine. So at this moment now it's at a buddies garage getting a new rebuilt 351w swapped in. Cleaning up the engine bay getting rid of all the wires from when it was a fuel injection car a lifetime ago, and spraying it matte black. Also getting some other ofds and ends fixed. It's been a long year but can't wait to get it back right so can drive it for the first time besides the half a mile I drove it before I bought it.

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