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1979 Vette - A Long Road to Modify

By: Greg 09/08/2020

I purchased this vehicle two years ago with the intention to not keep it original. I have alway liked the C3 Vette body style and the only qualifier was the car needed to have a sound frame. Other then this, I knew the car was not going to have much original parts left after I started to modify. Currently the suspension, steering, cooling and fuel system have been upgraded. Had side pipes installed. On September 4th, I got my car back from the shop. I had the poor performing L48 195HP pulled and installed a 406 Stroker with 550HP. The difference does not even require mentioning. Just saying it was the best thing I ever did. The carb is a QFT Slayer 750. My next move will be replacing the transmission and reared.

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