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The Fast and the furious

By: John 09/17/2020

Life happens as they say, and during my 11 year build we moved across the country twice. As part of that journey the car was shipped from California to my sister in law’s house in Buffalo NY. Since there was no place to park a big rig it was parked down the street in a large parking lot. I met with the driver and he said he needed to unload a few cars before being able to get mine off. So he recommended coming back in about 20 minutes. My son and I where walking back after the 20 minutes were up and all of a sudden we saw flashing lights and heard sirens in the distance. Jokingly I told him “ I hope that’s not for us”. When we got to the truck it was indeed for us as 5 cop cars where now on the scene. Someone called the police stating there was unlawful action with high end cars in that parking lot. Taking inventory of the cars that where there, a hell cat, a G-wagen, a Maserati and my Daytona it was a scene right out of the Fast and the Furious. After explaining the situation to the cops and checking all the paper work they chalked it up to a good laugh, and it’s just one of the many stories that happened during the build.

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