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Picking up the kit

By: John 09/18/2020

I bought my Factory Five 65 Coupe kit second hand from a guy in Montreal. I took my son with me who was about 8 years old. Driving in a 20’ UHaul from Maine we drove through New Hampshire to a border crossing indicated by the GPS. When we got there I was asked what the purpose of the trip was. I explained that I was picking up a kit at in Montreal. Is that your son? Yes it is. Do you have a letter from the mother that states you are allowed to take him out of the country? Didn’t know that was a thing sir. What’s in the back? Nothing. Show me please. Out of the truck unlock the door show the empty box. Ok, well this is a small border crossing and trucks are not allowed so you have to turn around and go to another one 20 miles East. Ok thank you sir

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