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Richard’s 73 Mach 1

By: Richard 10/05/2020

This was my first car. I fell in love with it at age 7 when I went with my older brother to his friend’s house, who owned it then.

I saw it again at age 13 to in the school parking lot and someone else had bought it from my brother’s friend.

At age 16 my mom and I were at the bank applying for a loan to buy a 68 Camaro. The loan officer asked if I had my heart set on a Camaro and I told him I actually wanted a Mustang but couldn’t find the one I wanted. He then told me his nephew had a Mustang for sale for about the same amount if I wanted to go look at it. He gave us directions and when we pulled in the driveway my jaw dropped because it was the same car.

This car means a lot to me. It was the first thing I ever owned myself that no one could take from me and also my escape from a lot of family days function.

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