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Remaining issues to be resolved.

By: Kenneth 10/14/2020

1. Deck Lid Lock Nut Receiver Assembly installed and adjusted for top mechanism to be factory correct. Top works fine now but is only held in the down position by hydraulic pressure. I have the receivers but have not taken the time to install them, they must be adjusted correctly and that takes time.

2. Cloth top is clean and has no holes or rips, rear window is clear, both corners of the top do appear to be separating at the corners where they attach to the back panel. Could likely be repaired. I do not normally operate the top but drive the car as a roadster.

3. There are some vacuum issues with the heater controls. The vacuum line is currently blocked to the heater controls. It is not a problem for me. I live in Texas. If it is cold. I don't drive it. Probably will be warm enough to drive in another day or two.

4. The only rust, I have found, is on the front chrome bumper guard on the lower passenger side.

5. Some chrome pieces are pitted..

6. Driver’s seat needs seat panel either repaired or replaced, the stitching has come out at the left top of the seat back and needs to be re-done. The rest of the upholstery is in good shape.

7. Padded dash is in terrible shape. New dash pads are available for about $500.

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