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Roadkill OGMT loose replica

By: KJ 10/26/2020

Bought this truck that was sitting in a field for over 20 years. Turns out it was an actual show winning truck in the 90’s. Only had one goal for the truck. Make it as close as I could to the original roadkill muscle truck c-10. It needed absolutely everything replaced or rebuilt from the old wore out TBI 350 that was in it to the transmission the rearend the brakes, the wiring was an absolute nightmare and a fire hazard. Now it has all new electrical, a built up 12 bolt, and a bulletproof turbo 400. I built a very hot little solid roller 355 and almost immediately sent a rod through the pan, so it sat for two years till I finally threw together a spicy little 327 from mostly left over parts. Won’t give away time slips but it picks on 100,000 dollar right off the showroom floor “muscle cars” on a frequent basis. Building a 424 nitrous small block slowly but surly.

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