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A Survivor

By: Mark 10/30/2020

Picked this up about five years ago from a gentleman in Vanderbilt, Michigan - about thirty minutes south of the Mackinac Bridge. She's a survivor; he was the second owner - bought it from a friend who was about to lose it to the bank about a year after he purchased it. When I picked it up, it was running a little rough. The previous owner had removed what little electronics there were in the original ignition system (saved me the trouble - I would have done the same thing.) I replaced the points, capacitor, distributor cap, plug wires and plugs and reset the timing. Cleaned the carburetor and it has run great ever since. Factory stock 351 Windsor. I replaced shocks all around, steering stabilizer, all axle seals, etc., and put new tires and wheels on it. Drives straight and true, has 57K miles on it now. Drove it in the Dream Cruise last summer (didn't happen this year - bummer!).

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