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The story behind the truck

By: Daniel 11/02/2020

well the story begins with the first truck I ever drove was 1978 Chevy Scottsdale long bed. I’ll never forget it, I was 15 going home from my brothers house from working on my Dad and brothers dragster. We pulled up to a stop light and my Dad looked at me and said “you want to drive?”. That was the first time I ever drove a vehicle. But my first experience with that truck actually went back when my grandpa purchased that truck in 1979. He sold that truck to my Dad when he decided to buy a 1984 Silverado with all the bells and whistles including an 8 track. That truck was also red. The truck my Dad sold to buy the 78 was the first truck I remember Dad having. It was a 1972 mustard yellow long bed c10. Through out my life I would own or drive 3 square body’s and yes all were long beds. Nothing against short beds, I always wanted one they were the cool trucks. But some how I always ended up with a long bed.

I have owned several cars, trucks, and SUV’s now in life but, after losing my mom to brain cancer and my dad to Emphysema It really made me want to simplify my own life. After making the last payment on a car I purchased new I made the choice that I was going back to my roots with a simple no frills truck and this time it would be a long bed by choice.

I started out looking through local ads on Craig’s list it came down to 3 choices with the 85 looking to be the stinger choice. I purchased the truck for $2500 off of a guy who had it as a driving project but was ready to sell it so he could focus on a new home he bought.

The interior was something that needed to be delt with immediately. The interior smelled terrible and the gauge cluster didn’t work. Fuel, oil pressure, and voltage were mounted in a panel below the dash. The seat was torn and wore out and the door panels were cracked and broken. The following morning I jumped on LMC and started the list to replace everything.

stripped out everything inside the truck. No rust was present so that was a bonus. Sanded everything that would remain exposed after interior parts showed up. Cleaned everything with wax and grease remover.I Ordered 2K epoxy primer from Eastwood and 2K rat-rod black urethane enamel. After everything was painted i plugged all factory floor holes with plastic plugs and marine grade silicone. Then I put down dynamite to kill the sound. I then routed all stereo, speaker, rca, and power wires in the floor and covered them with aluminum tape for protection. Seat and visors were recovered by a local shop in carbon fiber vinyl. Q forms were ordered for 6.5” and 1” speakers in the kick panels and sheet metal 6x9 boxes mounted behind the seat. The plastic dash parts are currently at the hydro-dipper to get a carbon fiber look.

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