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My 1967 Chevelle Story

By: Gage 11/28/2020

Started life as a 4-door Chevrolet Chevelle 300-Deluxe w/ like a 283SBC...

This was also my very first car! When I was 15 years old, my Parents bought it for me off eBay for $3,400 & had it shipped to Chicago in under a week for $400 on a Semi-Truck.

It now has a 396CBB out of a ‘69 SS Camaro, married to a Turbo400 Transmission, & a Currie 9-inch Rear-End with a 4.10 Gear-Ratio..

(Also, I bought the car as-is with the 396CBB & Turbo400.. the guy selling the car on eBay mistakingly didn’t put a “reserve” on the car, so I reaaaally lucked out.. you could definitely tell, he was super bummed that it only sold for what it did.. the motor alone especially back then was worth easily $10-$15k).

She definitely needs some TLC.. still looking to do a full frame-off restoration.. there’s a decent amount of body work to be done, but what’s awesome, is that there’s really only so much surface rust, since the car spent most of its life down in Florida & Texas.

Just because it has 4-door’s, doesn’t mean it can’t be cool.. as is, I get people breaking their neck looking whenever I drive by. I eventually want to do something that I’ve seen very little done before (on a 4-door Chevelle) but I want to do suicide-door’s in the rear.. (been looking for a kit, but it seems like the way people are doing them is by buying multiple kits, because their never “drop-in ready”). So that’ll be a nice-fun project in itself.

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