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Garage Find

By: Phillip 11/30/2020

Found this in an old Garage it had been sitting since 2003, floor pans had been replaced along with a few misc. body panels.

Brought it home early 2020 to find a bad transmission, bad carb, rust in fuel tank, an outdated HEI ignition system and rusted running gear parts.

Started tearing it apart to replace worn and seized parts. Converted the front brake system from Drum to Disc. Pulled the top of the motor off to find cylinder walls were still in good shape, cleaned heads, inspected and replaced. installed Holley Snipper efi kit and ignition system, rebuild the 350 Turbo transmission and fuel tank.

Took my first drive in car to find valve stems were rotted. replaced and put a couple hundred miles an the radiator gave up the fight, I now have a 3 core aluminum radiator and electric fan set up on car.

She is a Burn out Queen!

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